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(Канада) Power Metal


FORGOTTEN TALES - The Promise - 2002

01 - Intro
02 - Word Of Truth
03 - Cold Heart
04 - Far Away
05 - Gates Beyond Reality
06 - Sanctuary
07 - She's Falling
08 - Deadly Grasp
09 - Endless Dream
10 - The Promise


Состав группы:
Sonia Pineault – vocals
Martin Desharnais – guitar, vocals
Cédric Prévost – drums
Patrick Vir – bass
Fredéric Desroches – keyboards

01 - Intro

02 - Word Of Truth
Life can be hard like a steel cage
If you don't know how to live it
You can be so frustrated, total rage
But deep inside you must learn it
The way of truth...

You had enough of their rules
When they tell you what to say or what to do
You had enough of their lies
When is this hell gonna end for me and you?

Honor, respect, justice and truth
Are these values long gone?
Greed, hatred, warfare and lie
It's now the only way to fade and die

The word of truth begins with you
No matter all the odds against you
The word of truth is not always easy to say
But if you try, true friends, will stay with you

Life has been always hard with you
You don't decide what is right
Learn that happiness is inside you
Nowhere else can be more bright
The way of truth...

You had enough to please every one
Be true to yourself, don't be afraid to dare
Remember that true friends are worth
Ten times someone who's pretending to care

Honor, respect, justice...

03 - Cold Heart
I can see in your eyes, the fear and the pain
Now you know that today will be your last
If you could see in our hearts the clouds and the rain
You should know,we can't forget the past

You lived your life in gold and lace
With plenty of food and wine
But the world outside was in disgrace
Waiting for a sign
You've raped, you have stolen
A thousand times on this land
For you it was only amusement
That they didn't understand. But today... They will see...

The death of a cold heart, liberty for all
There'll be no more tyrant to tear them apart
Death of a cold heart, liberty for all
Death of a cold heart, they will be free at last

You lived your life all alone, you thought you had friends
They got you to the bone, you'll regret 'til the end

Now we see in your eyes
The end of this reign of terror
Wherever we'll go even in the skies
We'll never meet together
If you could see in our hearts
No more clouds and no more rain
We now have hope for our children
They are free at last... And they've seen...
But today... They have seen...

They've seen the death of a cold heart...

04 - Far Away
Sitting back against a tree of tears
This loneliness is what I fear
I'm looking silently at the night sky
I am still searching the reason why...
You left me this way, without a world to say
I thought our love would never fade away

The stars don't shine anymore
Since you have passed away
Life on a battlefields, death and decay
Is it the dream, we are fighthing for?
It's this price we have to pay?
For freedom and liberty
I remember well your face that day

Fade away, fade away
Our love just faded away
Far away, far away
You're just so far away
Oh, God give me the strenght to stay
Life must go on, it's the only way

It's hard for me to accept that you're gone
A farewell my love, tell me how long?
This tragic destiny tears me apart
Never realized it could break my my heart.

Last night, I dreamt of you by my side
You're still waiting for me on the other side
I know that one day, we'll be together again
I guess it's goodbye until then goodbye my love

Fade away...

05 - Gates Beyond Reality
Do you know there's a strange place
Somewhere down an unconcious alley
A sanctuary that you've already faced
Like a misty dream that won't stay

Do you remember the last time you came?
You know you don't feel the same
You got this joyful taste of your tears
It's time to release your fears

Everytime you look around,
Every place you're searchin' for
There's no answer, there's no clue
Until it reaches you waiting for more

Here are the gates beyond reality
Waiting for your destiny
Open it once and you will find
What clears the shadows of your mind
Here are the gates beyond...beyond reality

Everytime you look around...

While you're asleep, this world's still turning
A world of fairytales and glorious fantasy
Waiting for you 'til the next morning
Now you know that you're free

In daytime, aching for your way
You want to go back
Nobody can steal your dreams away
In here you control your fate

Here are the gates...

06 - Sanctuary
Is there a place on earth
Where men could leave in peace
With no frontier to fight for,
No treasure to keep

I imagine a wealthy land
Feeding men 'til the end of times
It seems so unreal
Once I see it, it all disappear

This land in my head we'll find it one day
Even if it takes eternity
This land in my dreams, we'll reach it all together
And so it will become... our sanctuary

There must be some countries
Where violence doesn't exists
A nation of true freedom,
Never been controlled by kings

My friends follow me on this land
To breathe the air of liberty
I know we're so close this time
I can feel it under my skin

07 - She's Falling
On a distant land, far away
Intense was the summer heat
When fate struck her to the heart

Here lies what is left
Of her body torn and broken
It happened here today
In these golden, peaceful wheat fields

She's staring at the sky
All of her dreams are gone now
Her chidhood has been stolen
By wicked men of the Northern hills

She's falling, new angel of hatred
She's losing, all of her conscience
To follow a dark path of blood wrath
And all she wants is vengence

Her heart had turned to stone
No more smiles and no more cries
She had to grow so fast
Anger and sorrow filled her eyes

She's falling, new angel of hatred
She's losing, all her righteousness
The dark path is here, a bloodbath
Revenge is what she wants, no less

08 - Deadly Grasp
Day after day
Her courage and strenght getting stronger
Training so hard
Have made her become a fierce warrior
Armored with steel
Her sword as light as a feather
No chance for the man she will fight

Hear her cry of war
It's the last thing you'll hear

She's the only one remaining alive
At the end of the battle raging
Never show your back or death will arrive
When you'll feel her deadly grasp

Day after day
Destroying all in the country
Working so hard
To find one of her worst enemy
Then with the steel
She'll make him pay with long agony
No chance for this man who will die

The torment that fills her heart
And the sorrow of her soul
Can only be appeased by each blow...
Of her... sword

Hear her cry of...

09 - Endless Dream
It haunts me every nights
A dream a cannot fight
I'm afraid to close my eyes
All I feel and see are lies

In that dream I'm on a throne
Made of flesh and human bones
A deadly smile on my face
No mercy for the human race

I wanna break free from this endless dream
I can't believe I become this evil queen
Please release me from this endless dream
I want to forget all these things I have seen

In that dream I'm on my horse
Striking with a hellish force
Bodies falling all around me
It makes no sense at all to me

In that dream I see myself die
Too much pain I can only cry
What have I done to deserve this
There must be something I have missed

I made men pay the price
for things they haven't done
But my heart is a cold as ice
and my pity's on the run

I'm a prisonner of my own sleep and this time,
it's oh so deep
I'm under lock and key,
it's so bad the jailer is me

I wanna break free...

10 - The Promise
I'm aware of who I am
A war machine dressed to kill
I think of what I left behind
I found nothing, nothing but a chill

I'm afraid of what I'll be
Queen of death, that's for sure
I'm at the point of no return
It's now too late to find a cure

There's a poison running trough my veins
Dark thoughts invading my brain
When I'll get my vengence, sweet caress
I'll get out of this mess, I promise

Now that I found their shelter
I can achieve my tasks
I'll never forget the laughter
They will see who hides behind the mask

I'm not proud of all that past
It will follow me forever
With forgiveness, I guess it won't last
I will never, never surrender

I have learned that you never win
Even if the other dies
You must fight the enemy within
There is no compromise

There's a poison...

OH, OH, OH,...


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