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(Швеция) Doom Metal


CEMETARY - Black Vanity - 1994

01 - Bitter Seed
02 - Ebony Rain
03 - Hunger Of The Innocent
04 - Scarecrow
05 - Black Flowers Of Passion
06 - Last Departure
07 - Sweet Tragedy
08 - Pale Autumn Fire
09 - Out In Sand
10 - Rosemary Taste The Sky


Состав группы:
Mathias Lodmalm – вокал, гитары, клавишные
Anders Iwers – лидер-гитара
Tomas Josefsson – бас
Markus Nordberg – ударные

Приглашённые музыканты:
Helena Ohberg – вокал, речь
Alexander Molin – тамбурин
Christopher Johnsson – соло на "Ebony Rain"


01 - Bitter Seed
In fear you run
As silence shuts its doors
It came undone
Now the poison gently pours

And you will hear no laughter
Until that serpents feeds
And what you'll sow hereafter
Shall be only bitter seed

Sweet lusts of pain
The venom in thin disguise
Against the grain
Now the silence won't ease the cries

Dark are the pleasures spi forth from fire
Breathing down you neck like razors of desire

02 - Ebony Rain
The sinners masquerade
An asylum for the weak
A feast for the wolf
Our faces lost in the deep
Empty space our souls to keep

The hour of twilight
As silent as sin
Drifting beyond dreaming
Erasing all therein
Into black nightmare
Cry in vain
The eyes set sail
Towards ebony rain

The mirror cease to live
Images all gone
Cutting through our hearts
A slice of ended life
Will our memories stain the knife

03 - Hunger Of The Innocent
The ruins shall bear witness to what I've become
Damned by the riddles of shame
Now they lower me down into the mouth of flames

The disease now lives again
So, the thorn has grown since then
Animation of disgrace
From the years when I had a face

Long lost pictures come to life once more
The sewers of yesterday spreads its breath into this dream
The smell og dying colours, and illusions that bleed

The threads are all wearing thin
But still they let no sunshine in
Desolation comes alone
As the skin falls from our bones

Oblivion lies safe within these hands
A hangman shadow resting upon my back
Imprisonment – A godly state of being
Where time is merely a word existing in past tense
Feed the hole and welcome to my wound
Down the void of perception a shallow vision streams
Reality brings deception and dust of past dreams

The witness of my ruin came to follow me
The riddles soon perished in shame
As they lowered him down into the mouth of flames

The hunger claws inside
My innocence went with the tide
Served the agents of decay
Now watch impurity wash away

04 - Scarecrow
Passion stains the godless taste
The human eye now raped and dazed
Our marks of shame soon worn away
The spider's trapped in a web of clay

Naked in the desert of delight
Banish the throughts into the night
Scarecrow servant of demise
Parting the honey from the flies

What's in the veins is what to keep
Still the floods of raptures sound asleep
Visions fade and die at ease
Inferior slaves are ours to please

The last of shadows shapes the end
From mountains high it all descends
One single dagger unleash the doom
Creation falls in my closed room

05 - Black Flowers Of Passion
Kneeling before the carnal demon machine
On hands and knees she shallows divinity
Begging for forgiveness, the blessing of a kiss
The essence of denial, the pleasure of her sin

Father please embrace me
My lusts I lay unto thee
Free me from temptation
May you scourge this skin with the seeds of salvation

She's crying beneath an image
An image of a hundred thorns
Rivers that calm, rivers that lie
Thorns like nails driven into her flesh
Ecstacy nailed to the cross

Holy water pouring on my breasts
On hands and knees I shallow divinity
A picture that calms, a picture that lies
I'm drowning in the face of Jesus Christ

06 - Last Departure
Drowning in the sunset's lullaby
Sleeping in the womb of the firefly
Floating in a sequence frozen still
The liquid reaper mover in for the kill

Standing by the shore
Last departure cannot wait no more
(soon to close its doors)
A farewell in grey
See all the lost ones now march away
(serpentine parade)

The end of forever
The last wave of the cosmic sea
Manifestation of the never
A last sting of the honey bee

Floating in a sequence frozen still
The liquid reaper mover in for the kill
Fail to breath inside my hollow shell
Felt no sorrow as the curtain fell

07 - Sweet Tragedy
Faceless I am dying
Upon a withered Earth
Pain gave me silence
And pain gave mi birth
Lifeless I am falling
Into a room of ice
At ease inside my prison
Saved from bitter lies

The dust I leave behind...
A shadow you must wear
Feel the darkness in your mind
And the cold despair...

Flashing through my memory
The emptiness I hide
Losing all desire
Losing all but pride
The bridges all are burning
Nothing left to see
The world now stands in ruin
Come sweet tragedy

08 - Pale Autumn Fire
"The autumn came and the leaves fell
Like raindrops from heaven
Like sinners to hell
For every drop a sin was earned.
For every leaf a sinner burned."

Bodies form the pattern of everlasting sin
Embrace the flesh and tame the blood
That pounds the veins therein

In the ashes that they crawl
All dreams are shattered
The flames will never be the same
In the ashes that they crawl
So does desire
Before the pale autumn fire

The needle's creeping downwards
And the scars bleed in my soul
Upon the weakened limbs I spit
And now I've crushed you every goal

In the ashes that they crawl
All dreams are shattered
The flames will never be the same
In the ashes that they crawl
You found desire
Dead in the pale autumn fire

09 - Out In Sand
Incomplete... (a state I knew)
Dry as dust... (the thirst of few)
Once a chill but now it's fear
Fell the numb drawing near

Out of reach from human touch
What walks the earth now ain't much
Left alone to claim the guilt
Out in sand my life's been split

In my lungs grows the pain
Violet days won't come again
The waiting act's gone too far
The screen is blank where we are

Dry as dust... (the thirst of few)
The days so numb that I once knew

10 - Rosemary Taste The Sky
Judgement ground
Overdrive of sympathy
Withdraw the rats from the beast
...Onto therapy

Obsession leaves you weak
Still you're the beauty we all seek
Rainy days will pass on by
Rosemary taste the sky
A widow of belief
Still your morning sense no grief
Rainy days will pass on by
Rosemary taste the sky

Mirror of a twisted fate
Slide into...
A whisper from an opium dream
Just for you

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